Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities

Hier das Video der Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities aus dem Jahr 2005 von der Weltbank. Teilnehmer sind Jean-Eric Aubert, Ahmed Bounfour, Leif Edvinsson, Dominique Guellec, Guenter Koch, Oluf Nielsen, Graham Vickery u.a.

Hier eine Beschreibung:
The knowledge economy has become credited with an increasing role in the world’s productivity. Because of its importance, the Knowledge for Development Group of the World Bank Institute organized an international conference on “Intellectual Capital for Communities” in partnership with the University of Marne la-Vallée. Taking place at the World Bank Paris office on June 20, 2005, the final panel of the day was chaired by Jean-Eric Aubert, Lead Specialist at the World Bank Institute, and included as panelists Ahmed Bounfour, professor at the University of Marne-la-Vallée; Graham Vickery, Head of Unit at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD); Oluf Nielsen, Scientific Officer at the European Commission; Dominique Guellec, Chief Economist at the European Patent Office; Leif Edvinsson, adjunct Professor at Lund University; and Guenter Koch, Chairman of Execupery.

The panel noted that there needs to be a higher level of data surrounding the problem of intellectual capital—not only in amount, but also in the ability to crosslink and share data. The lack of an international common market and legal framework for intellectual property was also seen as a problem that needs political leadership. However, panelists and respondents recognized that the recipients of good or bad decisions on intellectual capital will be people too young to participate in current conferences or discussions. Any frameworks created must be sustainable and robust.

Und hier der Link zum Video:
Conference on Intellectual Capital for Communities

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